All Minis are available with shaded black or white frames (gloss or matte).

Encaustic wax on wood panel:

Paintings made with encaustic wax are very long-lasting. Beeswax and resin are impermeable , which makes them extremely durable. Don’t frame the encaustic under glass, it isn’t necessary and also the beauty and play of light of the painting is lost. If you want to frame your picture, use a frame that protects the edges like the drawer type because the edges are very fragile.

Never use a frame with glass, it is not necessary and even the picture loses its beauty.

Don’t expose the frame to extreme temperatures; don’t leave it in a hot car, outdoors in direct sunlight, or in extremely cold conditions. They are more suitable for stable temperatures between 5 to 40 degrees.

Encaustic paints may “bloom” in the first year during the hardening of the wax, your picture may look cloudy. It is completely normal and can be easily removed by carefully wiping the surface with a soft cloth. I normally wear an old silk stocking