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Nuria Winkel

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I have been living in Germany for 25 years, but I was born in Madrid. My love for drawing and painting stems from time spent with my grandfather who was an art teacher. The most fascinating part of painting for me is experimenting with colors and textures.

I discovered encaustic painting by chance when I was experimenting with hard wax The more I learned about the technique and the more I worked with it, the more I enjoyed it. I am fascinated by the vibrant colors and the endless possibilities it offers. The wax itself can be sculptured and structured in so many different ways.

On the one hand, the wax is translucent; on the other hand, it can be polished until it shines. It can also be carved, scratched, transparent layers and images can be encased or collaged into the surface, it can be melted, sculptured, shaped, textured or even pigmented with oil.

I have been working intensely with the encaustic technique for about four years now and am pleased and proud with the work I have produced. Each individual piece is a vivid reflection of my emotions. I very much hope that you will be enthused by my work.

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